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Forum Rules

Post Administrator on Wed Mar 04, 2015 1:35 pm

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Hello Guest! Welcome to Anomaly - it is an honor to have you, and we hope you have a wondrous time with us. Our staff tries its very hardest to maintain a comfortable, safe, and well-managed community for users all over the cyber-web. In order of this, it is required we have a set of basic rules that all users and staff included must follow. I promise we are not too strict as the Anomaly community is a "laid-back" and "chill" community, but we do expect members of our community to respect and follow them. If you have any concerns, questions, etc., contact Murmur or Bree via PM.

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1. Respect is our golden rule; everyone is to treat others with respect regardless if you like the person or not. If an issue arises, please keep it away from the public and contact a staff member.

2. A minimum of five words is mandatory for posts outside of RP. Any posts under five words is considered SPAM and will be deleted immediately by a staff member.

3. Encouraging your and others' safety, staff asks that you do not share any personal information and photos of yourself or people you know in real life.

4. Use proper grammar while replying on a topic so people can identify and comprehend what you are saying clearly.

5. Remain active on the forums and RP; if you feel the necessary need to take an EFA, please post a notice or PM a staff member. If you do not tell us of your upcoming absence, you may be considered inactive and your account(s) may be deleted.

6. Swearing is allowed, but keep cuss words to a minimum. Using them in a rude manner towards another user will result in a permanent ban immediately.

7. Be mature and think before you act.

8. Do not backseat moderate or act like a staff member. Here are examples of what is considered backseat moderating:

  • Commenting things that go along the lines of: “If you need help or have questions, just PM me.”
  • Posting comments or threads that address the entire community such as announcements like ones a staff member would create.
  • Telling a staff member what needs to be done, or correcting them on how they run the website.
  • Following a member around the forum, and telling them what to do as if you were a staff member.
  • Pretending or acting like a staff member.

9. Anomaly is a community made for people across the globe to be social and enjoy RP with each other, so have fun!


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