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RP Rules and Tips

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RP Rules and Tips

Post Administrator on Sat Mar 07, 2015 9:42 pm

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Hello Guest! This brief topic will outline the foundation of our website's main attraction: Roleplay! In our RP, we allow much freedom of what can be allowed, however we do have standards and expectations that must be followed. Please take a quick glance at this topic before engaging in RP. Thanks!

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1. A minimum of 10 words is necessary for RP posts, and any posts under this (low) standard will be deleted immediately. Although our word minimum is small, we do encourage our members to try to go above this amount. If you do so, you will receive bonuses, rewards, and special brownies from the staff because we love to read descriptive, long posts! If you do not - whether it be because you don't have time, muse, lazy, or whatever the situation may be - that is fine as well if your post is at minimum 10 words in length. Exceeding the word amount is a choice that is entirely up to you, though.

2. Please refrain from writing in Capitals, using hard-to-read fonts, or chat speak in RP posts as it makes RPing difficult. It is required to use proper grammar, necessary grammar symbols, and proper punctuation; the goal of this is so other players can comprehend and identify what your character is doing, saying, or thinking clearly, and be able to post efficiently.

3. Swearing is allowed, whether it be mild or extreme, as long as you stay in character. We ask that you remind yourself that RP is just an RP, and what is said or done to your character in RP is only for amusement/entertainment. Things that happen to our characters are not to be taken literal/to heart, and they should not affect you in real life. However, if you do feel someone has crossed a line in RP, please PM the staff regarding your concerns before handling the situation yourself.

4. Anomaly allows is users quite freedom in character customization, but we do not allow: god-modding, wings, extra limbs, extra heads, extra tails, etc. However, unrealistic base colors, horns, extra eyes, mutations (blindness, 3-legged, missing eye, etc.), certain super-powers/abilities, tattoos, glowing/glow-in-the-dark eyes, marking colors/shapes, and unnatural eye colors are allowed.
Any further questions about what is and what isn't allowed should be sent to Bree and Murmur.

5. God-modding and power-playing is strictly prohibited in RP, and your post will be deleted immediately without your consent. Examples of god-modding include: reading minds' of other members, overly enhanced senses, knowing everything, killing members with one bite/attack, not having any weaknesses/flaws, invincibility, not getting injured, and trying to take over something when you are incapable.

6. Relationships in RP are shaped to represent true scenarios that we would encounter often in our real lives. In some RPGs, you can become mates/marry your significant other after getting to know them. Here at Anomaly, we allow you to "date" or "go out" with your partner before going into union (marriage) with him/her. If you chose to jump the gun and put a ring on it, that's up to you. It also works vice-versa: you can have divorces, break-ups, etc. with your partner.

7. Since we allow you to have partners in RP, it's obvious that we also allow you to breed and have children too if you choose to do so. You are given the right to post intimate acts that would lead up to the "romance" part if you choose to do so as long as it's nothing graphic and clean, but you are required to skip the true act (i.e graphic breeding/mating/sexual content). Any posts that do not follow this rule will be deleted on the spot; we are not a pornographic website. You've come to the wrong place if that's what you were looking for.

8. All characters should be a minimum of 1 year of age unless your character is birthed on the website between two already-registered members, or you have special permission from Bree and Murmur both. All on-site birthed characters will automatically start RP at 6 months of age (no matter the species) after its birth.

9. You are to post a biography of your character before engaging in RP. Yes, we do allow you to put "WIP" or "Work in Progress" in case you do not have time to complete it on the spot, but it must be finished soon after or it'll be trashed.

10. You can register for as many characters you want, but remember to post for all of them and keep them active. If you do not, they will be deleted and considered unwanted, but it's mandatory that staff will warn you before taking action.

11. There will be absolutely no breeding, fighting, killing, etc. without the other member's permission or notice. All "plots" between two or more members should be discussed and be agreed upon by all parties to prevent drama.


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