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Ya'áí Pack Thread

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Ya'áí Pack Thread

Post by Nashota on Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:11 pm

Welcome to Ya'áí

Ya'áí means 'sun' in Western Apache. In this pack, we use the term "tribe" rather than pack. Think about being a part of an Indian Tribe. This pack has a close relationship with the Apache Indians who roam the west in the early 1600s before Americans migrated out west. Within the tribe, there are traditions and ranking in which you would need to follow. Nashota, the Chief, is native to the West and knows many things to help you begin your journey.

Sidoka: Unknown
Habiru: Unknown
Cthulhu: Unknown
Tibalten: Unknown
Vargas: Unknown
R'Lyeh: Unknown
Kojiki: Unknown
Rou'garou: Unknown

░W░h░y ░Y░a'░á░í░?░
Become one with your inner wild. We host pack Meetings every Saturday at a time best suited for all members of the pack as well as have an open book for plots between characters and other packs. Ya'áí also provides open relation ships and we are open to all forms and levels of roleplay.


The Chief controls the pack. They decide when the pack hunts or goes to patrol the territory. There will also be pack meetings in which the Chief will discuss what has been going on with the pack such as patrol notes, food supplies, etc.

As a Warrior, you are charged to protect and defend the pack territory. With this, you are responsible for keeping an eye eye for enemies as well as keep predators away from the young and the elderly. Warriors lead any patrol which may compose of wolves from multiple ranks.

Healer take care of the sick and injured in the pack. They also assist closely with pup care. Healers work well with plants and herbs and usually remain near the den where it is safe for those who need to rest and be cared for. Healers accompany patrols and hunts for emergency health.

In change of food supply, these wolves are tasked to find any source of food and store it within the packs stock pile. Hunters may leave the territory and can only return if they have a source of food with them to add to the stock pile. Hunters are familiar with the hunting grounds and keep most of their skill sets to themselves, though any wolf within the pack can hunt.

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